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About Cornerstone Group

Cornerstone Group seeks to provide our clients customized solutions to best leverage financial goals for their future. Each individual may be in various stages of life which requires personalized planning. We also encounter personal changes in life such as education, career, marriage, children, grandchildren, health and retirement. On a national and global level, laws and trading also changes from time to time. Any of these modifications may require a new direction and focus. Cornerstone Group includes Cornerstone Residential, Cornerstone Commercial, Cornerstone Investments, Cornerstone Lending & Funding, Cornerstone Academy, Cornerstone Careers, Cornerstone Immigration, Cornerstone Summit, Cornerstone Lifestyle Planning, Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting, Cornerstone HealthCare, Cornerstone Systems, Cornerstone Income Filing, Cornerstone Legal & Justice and Cornerstone Preferred Partners. Our various divisions and services seek to assist our clients to best plan for their goals through these adjustments.