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Commercial Loan

Many factors are considered to obtain a commercial loan. Where Residential loans are mainly based on personal financial history and current DTI ratio; commercial loans are based on type of business, market share, proven business experience and qualifying real estate. Although other factors are also taken into consideration depending on the holistic picture presented, these are the main categories that does not change regardless of what type of market it is.

Commercial loans require more customized evaluation than residential loans. There is also a greater flexibility and complexity in options. If you are confident to achieve your next expansion goal, schedule a consultation meeting with a Cornerstone Professional for evaluation and assistance.

  • Apartments
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouse Buildings
  • Medical Buildings
  • Research/Education Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Mixed-Use Buildings
  • Distribution Centers
  • Special Interest Buildings
  • Custom Built
  • Professional Loan (Dentist, Doctors, etc.)
  • Large Projects