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Many older commercial buildings are in need of tear down and re-built with better designs and function. While these older buildings may still be safe to work in, the way it was designed requires higher repair and replacement costs. Monthly and annual operation costs are typically higher for older buildings. Planning to do construction for a new or existing location may take months of preparation to minimize unanticipated circumstances to arise.

Construction requires more frequent and on-site inspection to prevent misunderstandings and delays. Cornerstone team work directly with chief architects, contractors and suppliers as project manager to promote smooth progress of the project to completion. We provide experience and market knowledge that most of these professionals do not have which have proven to be the final result of project delivery. The only person you will need to deal with is our Cornerstone Project Manager.

If you need to do a new construction or partial construction, contact Cornerstone team to manage the project for you smoothly and effectively.