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Interior Design

The presentation of commercial buildings that is open to the public is very import to the type of business and clientele desired. Certain type of material, texture, color scheme, design, and durability is better than others to serve various purposes. While budget usually serves as the main decision making result, holistic consideration often shift outcome. With our unique design, environment-friendly focus, medical background and innovative abilities, our Interior design talent takes our clients to the next level.

If you seek to design a new building or renovate an existing building, contact Cornerstone team to take your properties to the next level.

Some of Our Client Testimonies

十幾年來唯一信任且配合的南加州房地產經紀人,歷時7週的全室翻修終於完工(經歷了一些問題、HOA 各種要求、申請 City permits, termites…) ,想想,不是給了錢事情就會做好,除非這個人可靠至極,經驗豐富、且把你的利益把持住!真正一條龍服務,非美國人、買、租、賣、報稅、財務規劃都經歷了。無論金額大小,會推薦的只有我配合過,最好的!

For over 10 years, Alisha is the only trustworthy Broker in Southern California.  Although encountered some challenges such as various HOA demands, applying for City Permit success, termite resolution, etc. during the remodeling process, finally completed it after 7 weeks!  Just being willing to pay for the result is not enough, unless this person is absolutely trustworthy with advanced experience and seeks your best interest at all times!  Alisha provides true and capable A to Z services from foreign investors, property purchase, lease, property selling, tax knowledge, and financial planning which I have all personally utilized.  Doesn’t matter the investment amount, I will only refer whom I have personally experienced, Alisha is the best!   ~Crystal of Irvine

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