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Large Projects

Below is our general definition of a large project…

1. 100 or more residential unit projects
2. 40 or more retail store/medical units
3. 100,000 square foot or more single buildings
4. 200,000 square foot or more multiple buildings
5. 5 acres or more of continuous land parcels

Large projects usually requires a team of professionals to manage on a daily bases. One of the most important aspect to determine a successful project completion is effective project oversight. When dealing with many people and professionals, miscommunication, misunderstanding and gaps are often the causes of time and money wasting. Competent property managing requires market knowledge, real estate knowledge, lending knowledge, remodeling & construction experience, people skills, communication skills, problem solving, time management, leadership, diligence, marketing, advertising and multi-cultural understandings.

At Cornerstone Group, we have all the above mentioned criteria to ensure your project is as smooth and successful as possible. If are planning to work on large projects, contact Cornerstone Group to help you accomplish a successful project from start to completion.