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Cornerstone Lending & Funding

We are licensed to offer loan programs in 50 states.  We have more than 15 wholesale direct lenders that can fit most people’s needs and situations.  Once we receive a borrower’s loan pre-approval package, we can then best determine which lending program best benefit our clients.  As a result, you do not need to submit multiple financial packages to find a lender that best match your situation.

We also have special lending programs for approved international projects.  Special funding are often limited to funds and availability.  As a result, please contact us for most current special programs.

Cornerstone Lending & Funding includes Residential Real Estate Lending, Commercial Real Estate Lending, and Business Lending. Each of these 3 categories of lending requirements and process are different. Please refer to each link below for more details:

Residential Real Estate Lending & Funding
Commercial Real Estate Lending & Funding
Business Lending & Funding