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Cornerstone Lifestyle Planning

Cornerstone Group’s Lifestyle Planning was established by Alisha Chen, founder of Cornerstone Group. The reason we name it as Lifestyle Planning is because it includes EVERY aspect of an individual and/or family’s goals, dreams, preferences, capability, pace, financial status, changes in life, emotional & physical wellness, etc. While many people have heard of or have engaged with financial planning, according to Alisha, coming from a Nursing background, she believes in holistic wellness, preventative measures and annual evaluation of changes are the foundations necessary to achieve successful goals and desired lifestyle.

Most people who set New Year resolutions or establish financial goals rarely achieve them. Even if some goals are achieved, they usually fall below 25% of original goals. While some of the reasons rely on individual preservation and determination, most rely on other factors that contribute to the fall through. Lifestyle Planning is just as the name states; it is a lifetime of planning for every aspect of an individual and/or family’s goals, dreams and desires. As many things change in life such as market condition, economy trend, law requirements, individual needs, family structure, etc…the purpose of Cornerstone Lifestyle Planning is to present a clear, achievable, realistic plan of actions annually to achieve all of the goals set and minimize unpleasant surprises.

Our Lifestyle Planning clients have benefited from 2X to 100X return from each annual Lifestyle Planning. The more annual Lifestyle Planning session a client has done with us, the higher his/her return. A 3-hour fee is credited back to our clients for each property he/she has listed or purchased with us within 12 months from the session date. Just provide us the session invoice and we will apply the credit back to the transaction. Our Lifestyle Planning session starts from August 1 to November 30th of each year. It takes approximately 3-4 hours to fully evaluate W2 earner with less than 2 properties and other assets. The more properties an individual has, the more time it will take. It takes approximately 4-6 hours to fully evaluate 1099 earner with less than 2 properties. It takes approximately 7-10 hours to fully evaluate entity owners with less than 2 properties and other assets.

Cornerstone Group Lifestyle annual evaluation fee is $150.00 per hour for the first 3 hours. If more time is requested by the client, the fee is $125.00 for each additional hour for the same session. Fees can be prorated at 30-minute usage time. In order to ensure sufficient time is set aside for our client’s appointment, anticipated fees are charged. Any unused portion up to 1.5 hour can be refunded back. If a second session is requested by our clients, we will provide available schedule for clients to select from.

We look forward in partnering with our clients to achieve their Lifestyle goals!

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