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Cornerstone Preferred Partners

We all have encountered people in various occupations in life from customer service representatives to high executives.  Even though people who have obtained licenses, certificates and designations they also offer different quality of products and services.  If we have enough experiences in life engaging with various people and honest to ourselves, the quality of products and services in general has been declining instead of climbing.  With the advancement of technologies, we would think otherwise.  Proactive communication, suggestions of expertise, experienced foresight and valuable insights became rare commodities.  Skillset became more important than character.  If so, we are pushing this world to be taken over by robots over humans and this would be the ultimate result.

Another words, if a person is knowledgeable to provide successful solutions, but forgot the promised appointment or left the premise in a worse condition than before the work begin, then this is a character issue.  Skill set can easily be learned, but if character of a person is not developed well in the first 12 years of a person’s life, then this aspect will be difficult to change.  The system of current society directly and indirectly offers high rewards based on skill set and just about no rewards on character.  This has been the trend of our modern world of technology advancement.  Not much effort is placed on common sense character.  As a result, we are all reaping this type of system where the overall quality in every industry is suffering.  When the valuable human character is no longer valued higher than skill set, then we are moving towards human-less society and promoting robotic species & behaviors.

Cornerstone Group has high request from our clients to refer like-minded professionals and vendors who think, work and care like us.  However, year after year, our clients verbalize their disappointment in the decline in quality and diligence.  As a result, we have established our own guidelines to be listed under Cornerstone Preferred Partners.  Those who continue to maintain quality products and services while meeting our requirements and guidelines will be included here.  Those who deviate will be removed from our page and list of vendors to refer.

If you have the confidence to provide consistent products and services as a mutual beneficial partner, contact Cornerstone Group team for application to be listed under our Preferred Partners.