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Custom Homes

Custom homes have been on a rise of desirability towards more sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly home. While traditional track home focuses on fast delivery, same material usage, general design, traditional college degree taught concepts, easily approved by city inspector methods and short-term affordability. However, these focuses often contribute to short-term gains and long-term problems such as difficult self-maintenance, more frequent repairs and replacements, increased monthly utility expenses, noise issues, harmful construction materials, increase in health issues, increase in special assessments/mello-roos property tax, faster deterioration which requires high labor costs, etc.

More and more clients desire for passive homes, net zero homes, green homes, energy efficient homes and sustainable homes. There are many options available in other countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, India, etc. However, the U.S. laws and local governmental regulations often are the main problems preventing sustainable improvements in all aspects of life. Most laws are established by attorneys and lawyers; not by professionals in each field who have years of experiences and knowledge to best contribute to national improvements and guidelines. While the business side of America strives to improve, they are often hindered by law makers who do not spend time to truly understand holistic situations before laws are established and implemented.

Businesses often lean heavily on what make money which severs principle. Government leaders often lean heavily on laws without deep understanding of reliable professional resources. When a nation has over-abundant of attorneys and lawyers as government officials, innovation of a nation is hindered. On the other hand, when a nation has over-abundant large business corporation leaders, principles and safety are hindered. For a nation to improve, a balance of both sides must be maintained at all times.

At Cornerstone Group, we have the first-hand experience and knowledge to balance sustainable innovations with principle and safety. Instead of telling our clients that everything is no problem, we take the approach by laying out all possible roadblocks in order to present our clients with realistic expectations and anticipated results. Our consulting session often save our clients tens of thousands of dollars and minimizes unprepared situations. It is easy to over-promise in order to get the contract; however, under-delivering of projects often causes all parties tremendous negative impacts.

There are tremendous benefits to customized homes; however, diligence, foresight, preventative measures and realistic expectations are the basics to ensure a successful completion of project. If you are seeking to build a traditional custom home, a green home, a passive home or a sustainable home, schedule a consultation session with Cornerstone Group to see if this option is right for you.