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Home Loan

Before looking to purchase anything in life, we need to know our financial capabilities, budget and payment obligations. The higher the price purchase, the more important it is to perform this assessment. Home purchasing relies heavily on this as the first step before looking into properties. With over 20 years of real estate experience, we have encountered over 90% of inaccurate pre-approval letters from various loan officers. This has caused a tremendous waste of time and money for buyers, sellers and real estate professionals.  In addition, buyers who have inaccurate pre-approval letters tend to lose out on their desirable, potential homes. Finding the right home within budgeted price is not easy; when coupled with inaccurate pre-approval letters and ineffective loan officers, many of these transactions and relationships are severed.

At Cornerstone Group, we perform full pre-approval just as if our buyers/borrowers are entering escrow. We’ve close cash purchase escrows in as little as 7 working days and full pre-approved loans in as little as 10 working days. 99% of our submitted loans have successfully funded and closed escrow as long as the buyer’s financial situation did not negatively change during the transaction. Cornerstone Group lending transaction fall out rate is less than 1% for the past 15 years. Fall outs are typically due to disagreeable home conditions versus home price offered, negative change in buyer’s financial situation, appraisal values, unreasonable cooperating agent/seller, etc. all of which are uncontrollable by Cornerstone Group side of representation.

Cornerstone Group team has a higher chance for sellers to accept our buyer’s offer due to strong loan pre-approval and past closing track records. With our loan pre-approval process, we also prevent our clients from wasting money on home inspection fees and appraisal fees for unapproved properties. With this high successful loan closing rate, Cornerstone Group provides a smooth, easy, and pleasant home purchase experience. We understand most clients work full time while seeking to complete these transactions.  As a result, it is crucial to obtain our full pre-approval letter prior to searching for homes.

Some of the Home Programs we offer (50 States):

  • Conventional Loans
  • First Time Home buyer Programs
  • VA Loans
  • FHA Loans
  • 1st and 2nd Loan
  • Investment/Rental Income Loans
  • 1031 Exchange Loans
  • Multi-unit Loans
  • Foreign National Loans
  • Remodeling Loans
  • Construction Loans

** Please visit our HOME REFINANCING page for loan refinancing information.

Our Client Testimony


Before my wife and I met Alisha, we were clueless about investing. After we met Alisha, she has opened our eyes about how to put our hard-earned money into good use. Alisha’s in- depth knowledge about investing is second to none. She was able to get things done fast so that we were able to capture a good rate. She is so efficient with every aspect of the process that the whole thing took little to no time to get done. Thank you, Alisha for all your help. We hope to have many more years of guidance and investment opportunity with you. ~ Sam & Sandy


I recently purchased a home with Alisha’s help. During the process, Alisha was professional and patient with me. She took time to explain what market conditions were like during Covid-19 and gave me guidance on homes she thought was the right after finding out what type of a home I was looking for. What sets Alisha apart from other real estate agents is her commitment to you. She is the only real estate agent I know to make sure not only that you have a lender pre-approval letter, but an underwriter approval before submitting your offer. I truly believe having my finances in order with the underwriter approval helped me get the home in the competitive real estate market of cash buyers. I would strongly recommend everyone that is looking to sell/buy a property to work with Alisha. ~Kent

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