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New Builder Homes

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Not all New Builder homes are created equal.  Some has better materials, design, insulation and layout than others.  The most difficult aspect of most builder homes are their customized contracts, agreements and documents that usually benefits themselves more than a neutral position.  The property delivery/occupancy dates also vary depending on the progress of builder’s construction status.  There is usually a need to closely collaborate to transition from existing resident home while waiting on the new builder home to be delivered.  Although builder homes are brand new, we have found them to have just as many issues to address and correct before closing the escrow to prevent frequent builder calls to repair.  From our past experiences, builders who welcome real estate agents to partner with them have a better transaction experience and attitude than those who do not.  There are actually more tasks, knowledge and time required to purchase a new builder home than to purchase a traditional real estate property and transaction.

If you are looking for a new builder home, contact Cornerstone Group team to help you through the lengthy process.