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Property Leasing (For Property Owners)

In the recent years, many property owners expressed concerns about the quality of tenants for their investment homes especially during COVID situations. For over 15 years of Cornerstone Real Estate Services, we only had 1 eviction initiated and tenant cooperated after the first legal action given. The reason Cornerstone Group has almost no eviction cases all these years is because we customize our Lease and Property Management agreements to supplement default government written contracts. Each property many have different situations, special features, CC&R, etc.; as a result, Cornerstone Group customizes documents to clarify frequently misunderstood or ambiguous default agreements. All property owners desire their homes to be well kept and all tenants desire to have a comfortable and functioning home. Our goal is to serve as a fair and reasonable professional to achieve the goals of all parties. Customizing documents take 4-5X more time, effort, diligence and foresight. With over 20 years of real estate experience, we have lots of insight and firsthand data that increases. Therefore, Cornerstone only takes on fully cooperative and reasonable Property Owners.

Property Leasing (For Tenants)

Cornerstone Group takes a lot of time to evaluate and prepare each home to be leased. As a result, the properties we lease are usually in better condition and presentation than other comparable homes. The reason we do so is to seek quality, responsible and home-caring Tenants. Properties cost much more to do major repairs than the total 12 monthly rent received. Therefore, Cornerstone Team performs more verification than required. Tenants seek for a comfortable and functioning home. The only way comfortable and quality homes can be offered is by caring and maintaining the property properly. Without proper maintenance, any part of the home will deteriorate much faster.

Most of our Cornerstone Tenants have great experiences with our Property Managers. We diligently and quickly respond to Tenant’s concerns to minimize inconvenience. Tenants take good care of the property by performing basic property maintenance. The result is a mutual benefit for all parties for years to come.