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Property Management

Properties managed by homeowners or his/her relatives tend to have more tenant problems than properties managed by Cornerstone Group. There are many contributing factors including and not limited to lack of knowledge on real estate laws and changes, lack of experience, lack of fast and reasonable responses, lack of quality service providers, lack of documentation and 3rd party validations, ineffective communication, misunderstanding, unacceptable/illegal actions, unreasonable expectations, etc.

With our more than 20 years of real estate success, track records, and experiences, Cornerstone Group provides Property Management Services to provide updated law changes, diligent record keeping, and consistent Landlord/Tenant education of circumstances.  We seek a fair and reasonable win-win result whenever possible and establish a positive reward system that benefits both sides.  Most of our clients came to us due to unpleasant past experiences with other Property Management Companies that are unlicensed Real Estate Professionals or lack of updated knowledge base.

Property Management is one of the highest legal liabilities in the real estate industry since it is one of the lowest income-generating categories in the field of real estate while the greatest amount of unceasing work.

Conflict of interest and lack of proper documentation/responses in owner-self-managed properties often have been the highest factor of legal disputes.  Contact Cornerstone Group today to help you reach your investment goals while minimizing legal liabilities.