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There are various reasons when people seek to downsize from a larger home to a smaller home. Some of the reasons can be due to retirement, household member changes, job relocation, financial situation changes, physical changes, etc.

When selling to purchase a smaller home, it is important to remember that some of your existing furniture and personal items may not fit into a smaller home. While selling your larger home, you might want to consider offering some of the furniture to new buyers, sell or donate furniture to others before closing the escrow.

Depending on the market situation, various options may be considered when selling your home and looking for a smaller replacement home. Don’t forget to get Cornerstone full loan pre-approval to ensure whatever your downsize reason is, you are ready to make an offer on your next home. The transitioning of selling one home and buying another can be overwhelming, and it is important to talk to one of our Cornerstone professionals as soon as you are ready to move forward so you can understand the parameters you’re working within.