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My husband and I had not been planning on selling our home but we were motivated to call Alisha Chen when we saw that she sold a house in our neighborhood for well above what we had anticipated being able to sell our own home for. She came over for a consultation to give us her market analysis of what she estimated being able to sell our own home for. She walked through each room pointing out small changes that would make a big impact on our potential selling price. Once we had decided to sell, we made the changes she suggested and called her to sign the paperwork. She helped us find a reputable handy man to take care of a few small repairs and brought in materials ranging from decorations to bedspreads to help us professionally stage our home. Once everything was ready, she brought in a photographer to take pictures for the listing. We were shocked with how well the pictures turned out. They made our home look beautiful and spacious! Alisha told us that our home was presenting so nicely that she would like to increase the selling price! Alisha has a unique sales strategy that led to us being able to sell our home for $11,000 above listing price. She suggested that we list the house for a reasonable amount (which we were very happy with anyway) and create enough interest to incite a bidding war to drive up the price. We listed the home on the market on a Wednesday with no showings until our Open House that Saturday. She came over Saturday night with the news that we had several offers all above the listing price! She took the time to go over the offers in detail, explaining the pros and cons of each. She helped us set aside our emotions to make counter offers with terms that were favorable to us and finally accept the offer that was best for our family. Her exceptional client service continued after the sale as she helped guide us through the escrow process. We closed on time and are now working with Alisha to find our dream home! Alisha has been a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive and understanding of our needs and timeframes. We imagined selling a home while working full time jobs and raising a one-year old would be a tough undertaking. However, Alisha made sure that we were not inconvenienced and that life for our son was not disrupted during the process. We are very grateful to her for her services and look forward to a continued professional relationship with her. ~Mr. & Mrs. McKee
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