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I purchase home two times with Alisha & Cornerstone Team.

1st experience- my mom wanted to purchase a house with me with a limited budget in 2008, and she likes luxury. None of our previous agents could satisfy her high standards on a limited budget. We come up to Alisha, and she finally get a bank owned townhome with all upgrading that she requested from bank. It was a pretty new townhome with a huge island in the kitchen. We do not need to pay closing cost. With her help, it minimize my headache as my mom was satisfied. Not to mention, my mom earn $140,000 when we sold the house. 2nd experience- Overwhelming touched and blessed by Cornerstone Team

I sold my house in 2013, and gave to my mom as I am married. My husband and I never think we could have a new home sooner. By grace, we have a little chance with little down payment. Since my husband job is less than two years. It is really difficult to get a decent house (we want a house, not condos with HOA or high property/melrose tax). It was really difficult to compete with other offers. With the help of Alisha, we finally get a house offer accept, which meet all our wants. She negotiated with the seller and come up the best packages for us. She is not just professional, but with passion, mighty, details. She even observe the little things which could be potential good or bad for us during counter offers stage. On top of it, she is fair, full integrity to both party.

Also, my husband has less than two years work experience. The loan procedures are really frustrating and not easy. Most likely, we would need to pay extra insurance on top of mortgage, because of the limited down payment. We were kind of let down and frustrated. However, Alisha is always positive, she spend extra times to write letter for us to loan bank. She told us she will not give up our case. All we need just do our part, pray, and rest of the result leave to God. We learn how to face challenges positive by her. With Cornerstone team help. It makes us more easy. It is really like a one stop solution for house purchasing. Last but not least, the Cornerstone team is a strong team led by Alisha. They are not just professional, personal, caring, they are walking testimonies in Christ. It is a pleasant procedure of house hunting. You feel like you are not alone, and you could learn things from them. They are open, direct and honest.  

We got our key last weekend. Yeah! We also got a very precious gift from Cornerstone team. May you guys keep shining in the real estate field. May God bless and protect your team to have a merge heart in Him and keep doing good work for Him. ~Kwok

Steadfast Agent