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Alisha Chen is a well seasoned genuine professional who’s very conservative and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with people. In life, especially in the world of real estate, any road block or unexpected twist of fate can occur that may or may not impact the goals of the seller, buyer, and agent. With Alisha, she’s definitely a prime example of one that maintains sound business/personal ethics even when push comes to shove and ANY type of adversity has been introduced to the equation. As soon as she listed our house, not only was she able to generate a TON of traffic (by her methodical “staging” approach), but it also sold within less than a week! In parallel (and to this day), she’s very accessible and punctual despite her real busy schedule. She definitely made me feel like I was her ONLY client (her services are that good)! In short, if what you’re looking for is professionalism, integrity, honesty, somebody that’s personable, well educated, strategic, and one that plain and simple delivers results…I strongly encourage you to give yourself a chance to at least get to know Alisha Chen (then you decide). She’s definitely an individual that my wife and I see ourselves sustaining a business/personal relationship with as we grow older.

A very satisfied client of hers (now, and years to come), Anthony and Star!

Topnotch Knowledge & Service!