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I close on September 3rd and move in September 8th. So, I have to give praise right now I was about to give up on buying. Right at that time Alisha sent me this listing. It’s a brand new house and energy efficient so i should not have to worry about things breaking..knock on wood! I’ll save money with the efficiency of the house. It is completely warranted for the first yr and then 10yrs on the structure. It’s considered a condo, but all of the homes are completely detached still don’t understand the condo part lol! Also, the builder paid all of my closing costs, there are no Mello-Roos taxes, and property taxes are very low. Also, my loan doesn’t start until 12/1 which is not normal usually it starts sooner but it gives me more time to save up! Everything has completely fallen in place right when I was about done with real estate. I also got to work with Alisha. She is an amazing Christian who trusts completely in God and you can really see Him shining through her. And to be honest I was really wavering on my faith and kind of put God lower on my priorities. After seeing how strong of a Christian Alisha is made me want to be a better Christian. I’m starting to get my priorities straight, although, I have been putting a lot of time into looking for stuff for the new house I’ll get there, though! I just think it’s amazing how God works!

Alisha, I don’t think you realize how much you really did for me!! You really did make a big difference in my life. I was honestly at a pretty low point in my life where things just kept going wrong. You made me realize how much I need God in my life and how I need to put him first! Thx! You really started me back on track with God!! <3!!   ~ Stefanie Chandler
When I was about to be done with real estate…Alisha came through for me