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Cornerstone Group seek to provide our clients customized solutions to best  leverage financial goals for their future. Each individual may be in various stages of life  which requires personalized planning. We also encounter personal changes in life such as  education, career, marriage, children, grandchildren, health and retirement. On a national  and global level, laws and trading also changes from time to time. Any of these  modifications may require a new direction and focus. Cornerstone Group, various  divisions and services seek to assist our clients to best plan for their goals through these  adjustments.  

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Leveraging Your Needs Wisely
Leveraging Your Financial and Future Needs With the current U.S. system, it is important to plan for the future. Whether you have  limited…
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Who Can Benefit from Lifestyle Planning?
Written By Alisha Chen With the increase in Lifestyle Planning sessions, I would like to provide this content in…
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About Sigma Men and Women
Written by Alisha Chen Have you ever found someone who knows you so well that you want…
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Lifestyle Planning

Cornerstone Group’s Lifestyle Planning was established by Alisha Chen, founder of Cornerstone Group. The reason we name it as Lifestyle Planning is because it includes EVERY aspect of an individual and/or family’s goals, dreams, preferences, capability, pace, financial status, changes in life, emotional & physical wellness, etc…

Counseling & Consultation

As society, economy and technology advances rapidly, a greater need for effective third party counseling sessions are needed.  Humans are the most complex living beings that have more capabilities and adaptabilities than all other creatures.  At the same time, humans are not robots…



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One thing that really stood out with Alisha was how honest she was during our session.  Even when I found it hard to talk about certain things, she was straight up with me, which made me feel more at ease.  Her honesty and encouraging nature helped me open…

Honest & Encouraging Lifestyle Planning Counselor

I found most counselors to be too logically focused in the sense they don’t listen to the whole issue and my feelings before trying to fix my problems.  For the past 18 years of my life, everyone has been telling me that I have an anger management problem,…

Very Powerful Lifestyle Planning Counselor

Alisha Chen is highly professional, she communicates regularly, keeps the sale or purchase on target, follows through with details. Alisha is very knowledgeable about every aspect of the Real Estate market. A Seller or Buyer is well represented by Alisha, she is an expert in achieving her client’s…

Highly Knowledgeable & Professional

十幾年來唯一信任且配合的南加州房地產經紀人,歷時7週的全室翻修終於完工(經歷了一些問題、HOA 各種要求、申請 City permits, termites…) ,想想,不是給了錢事情就會做好,除非這個人可靠至極,經驗豐富、且把你的利益把持住!真正一條龍服務,非美國人、買、租、賣、報稅、財務規劃都經歷了。無論金額大小,會推薦的只有我配合過,最好的! For over 10 years, Alisha is the only trustworthy Broker in Southern California.  Although encountered some challenges such as various HOA demands, applying for City Permit success, termite resolution, etc. during the remodeling process, finally completed after 7 weeks!  Just…

南加州最好的房地產經紀人 Best Broker in Southern California

Professional, performance and honest are not enough to describe Alisha’s Characteristic “Alisha is an outstanding real estate professional!  She stays up to date on the real estate market, as well as educates her clients on how the market is doing.  She takes time to make sure his customers…

Outstanding Professional!

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