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Some nice words from our clients. The funds are strictly designed to help single-family homeowners retrofit their residences for safety purposes.

One thing that really stood out with Alisha was how honest she was during our session.  Even when I found it hard to talk about certain things, she was straight up with me, which made me feel more at ease.  Her honesty and encouraging nature helped me open up about things I never thought I’d share, and made me feel more at ease throughout the session.           ~Anonymous 16-year-old.

Honest & Encouraging Lifestyle Planning Counselor

I found most counselors to be too logically focused in the sense they don’t listen to the whole issue and my feelings before trying to fix my problems.  For the past 18 years of my life, everyone has been telling me that I have an anger management problem, but after talking to Alisha Chen, she helped me realize that I had a “lack of patience to understand, jump to conclusions and judgmental problem”.  All these years, I have been trying to disguise my anger problem and no improvements have been made.  Alisha helped me realize my underlying problem and how to overcome that.  Now that I have the right diagnosis, I am hopeful to improve myself with Alisha’s methods.  I was thinking about going to law school, but after talking to Alisha, I realized that law school is not what I imagined it to be.   Alisha shared that she was getting ready to enter law school a few years ago.  However, after extensive research, her heart for justice and helping people would not be sustainable for the established legal system structure.  She said her personality would not do well with the legal education and expected environment structure even though she would be a fantastic attorney.  Alisha never told me what to do.  She just gave me the truth about what to expect to ensure I am cut out to take on that career.  I know many people who have entered into a major in college and never used that degree as a career.  Alisha gave me information and her own encounters in life so I could make a better decision for myself.  Alisha brought up areas of my weakness and those are exactly the ones many family and friends also have told me before.  The difference is that Alisha provided me with easy, simple, and doable ways I can improve.  After talking to Alisha, I would be more comfortable and happier being a business owner myself instead of working for someone else.  I am very strong-minded and it would be difficult for me to work for someone if I can’t do things my way.  I am sure Alisha has saved me years of time and my mom years of college funds from entering the wrong major.  I have a lot to work on.  Alisha said it will not be easy but completely achievable if I am determined.  This is my first Lifestyle Planning Session with Alisha and is so worth it!  Thank you, Alisha!            ~Anonymous 18-year-old.

Very Powerful Lifestyle Planning Counselor

Alisha Chen is highly professional, she communicates regularly, keeps the sale or purchase on target, follows through with details. Alisha is very knowledgeable about every aspect of the Real Estate market. A Seller or Buyer is well represented by Alisha, she is an expert in achieving her client’s goals through a sale or purchase of Real Estate. I highly recommend selecting Alisha Chen as your Real Estate Professional.  ~Sondra

Highly Knowledgeable & Professional

十幾年來唯一信任且配合的南加州房地產經紀人,歷時7週的全室翻修終於完工(經歷了一些問題、HOA 各種要求、申請 City permits, termites…) ,想想,不是給了錢事情就會做好,除非這個人可靠至極,經驗豐富、且把你的利益把持住!真正一條龍服務,非美國人、買、租、賣、報稅、財務規劃都經歷了。無論金額大小,會推薦的只有我配合過,最好的!

For over 10 years, Alisha is the only trustworthy Broker in Southern California.  Although encountered some challenges such as various HOA demands, applying for City Permit success, termite resolution, etc. during the remodeling process, finally completed after 7 weeks!  Just being willing to pay for the result is not enough, unless this person is absolutely trustworthy with advanced experience and seeks your best interest at all times!  Alisha provides true and capable A to Z services from foreign investors, property purchase, lease, property selling, tax knowledge, and financial planning which I have all personally utilized.  Doesn’t matter the investment amount, I will only refer whom I have personally experienced, Alisha is the best!   ~Crystal

南加州最好的房地產經紀人 Best Broker in Southern California

Professional, performance and honest are not enough to describe Alisha’s Characteristic “Alisha is an outstanding real estate professional!  She stays up to date on the real estate market, as well as educates her clients on how the market is doing.  She takes time to make sure his customers have a great experience with buying, selling, or investing in real estate!  She is a strong negotiator and always deliver to her clients the best deal possible.  She takes time to listen to her clients needs, and make sure they are met by the end of the transaction.  If you want to work with an great real estate professional give Alisha a call! ” ~Jeff

Outstanding Professional!

I have known Alisha for a long time and she did all my transactions over the years and each one of them was a success.  She fought through some tough deals and came through with integrity and pride.  She is honest and will let you know how she sees things. She cares about her clients and pursue the best possible properties. I highly recommend her.  ~Charles & Margaret

Life-Long Broker

Before my wife and I met Alisha, we were clueless about investing. After we met Alisha, she has opened our eyes about how to put our hard-earned money into good use. Alisha’s in- depth knowledge about investing is second to none. She was able to get things done fast so that we were able to capture a good rate. She is so efficient with every aspect of the process that the whole thing took little to no time to get done. Thank you, Alisha for all your help. We hope to have many more years of guidance and investment opportunity with you. ~ Sam & Sandy

Second to None

Alisha was my Realtor on two of the homes I have purchased, and my loan consultant as well. I am very impressed by her knowledge, experience, and expertise in my home purchase and my loan process. She asked key questions to gauge my needs, provided recommendations and items to consider, explained thoroughly the process, provided timely feedback and follow ups, and helped me prepare all of the necessary documents needed. She was very flexible and on point in my process, and really took the time to consider my needs. Her experience and diligence made my home purchase enjoyable, and the loan financing easier to understand. I really appreciate Alisha’s effort and expertise for my needs and would recommend her to anyone seeking a professional Realtor and loan consultant. Thanks Alisha!

Impressed by Alisha’s Knowledge, Experience & Expertise