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About Alisha Chen  

Alisha Chen is the founder and CEO of Cornerstone Group. Alisha immigrated to the U.S. at the age of eight with her parents and younger brother. She did not set out for a career in real estate, but her customer-service orientation, organization, and focus led her to it; her love and talent for real estate took it from there. In high school and college, she tutored and mentored students at the elementary to high school levels. Later, she held a position as a project manager for a spacecraft company which worked closely with Orbital Science, CalTech, Boeing, JPL, and NASA. Alisha graduated from a top nursing school as an RN (Registered Nurse) in Southern California. While working as a nurse, however, she took a part-time job as an agent’s assistant in a real estate land company. With the encouragement of the owner, Alisha obtained a real estate license and quickly became the top producer of the company.

Working 2-3 years into Real Estate, Alisha quickly learned about the hindrances of unqualified buyers and unresponsive loan officers. The many unpleasant encounters led Alisha to obtain a loan license in order to successfully complete all real estate transactions. While many of her clients are cash buyers, those who needs a loan had a 95% success rate with Alisha’s lending services. The other 5% has severe/serious inadequacy assessment with high financial risks which investors are unwilling to take. Alisha was able to close escrow within a loan in a HOA community within 14 days.

Because of her work ethic, abundant real estate, financial/lending knowledge and commitment to value for her clients, Alisha’s name quickly became known throughout the real estate industry. Alisha has been interviewed by various radio, newspaper and television stations such as LA Times, Orange County Register, NTD Newspaper, Chicago Tribune, KSCI TV station, Phoenix TV station, KKLA 99.5FM, KABC 790am, The Power is Now Radio, etc. She’s been featured in films on real estate and has spoken at seminars to a variety of professional groups. In 2013, Alisha was nominated and elected as the president of the Orange County chapter for Asian Real Estate Association of America. She has also met with various U.S. Senators and Representatives in Washington, D.C. to advocate for real estate consumer needs and improvements.

Alisha’s diverse cultural understandings and experiences welcomed people from all types of background, country, profession, goals and needs domestically and internationally. Many of her clients are Native Americans. Others immigrated from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Egypt, Mexico, Middle East, Europe, etc. For the past 20 years, approximately 25% of transactions are from foreign nationals, 50% are domestic transactions, 25% are loan purchasing or refinancing. Alisha’s skills, knowledge, capability and experiences includes: Listing and Purchasing to interior design, remodeling, lending, 1031 exchanges, investments, large commercial projects and developments.

Alisha is unique in their work ethic, professionalism, and pursuit of quality. 70% of her business is with repeat clients or from referrals by past clients. Alisha’s experiences with multi-diversity clients from various countries and cultures enable her to successfully complete various types of transactions.

Alisha escalated her real estate profession to lending and finances then to investments. With years of remodeling experiences, she proceeded to residential and commercial planning & development. She also helped builders such as Lennar to improve their architectural designs to best accommodate client and community needs. Alisha single handedly took Lennar from sitting home inventory to buyer waiting list by her improved designs.  From encountering numerous investment programs, Alisha set out to develop better investment opportunities, better school teaching and training programs, better healthcare products and services. From attending countless court cases on behalf of lenders, Alisha also realized the need to improve the legal and justice system to improve the quality of people and society. This leads to Alisha’s preferred team of professionals to partner with.


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  • RN – Bachelors in Science degree, Registered Nursing
  • Realtor Designation
  • GRI – Graduate Realtor Institute Designation
    *  Agency Relationships, Duties & Disclosures
    *  Ethics, Professional Conduct & Legal Aspects
    *  Trust Fund Management
    *  Fair Housing
    *  Legal Issues
    *  Money Making Strategies for Success
    *  Technology Applications in Real Estate
    *  GRI Risk Management
    *  Residential Real Estate Finance
    *  Marketing, Financing & Managing Commercial Properties
    *  Investment Property Analysis
    *  Environmental Concerns, Construction Overview & Land Use
    *  Real Property, Tax & Exchanging
    * Essential Concepts of the C.A.R. Residential Purchase Agreement
  • ABR – Accredited Buyer’s Representative Designation
  • CSSA – Certified Short Sale Agent Designation
  • CFA – Certified Foreclosure Agent Designation
    The Certified Foreclosure Agent (CFA) program is a career-building designation that separates serious real estate professionals from those who are just content with their respective state licenses.  CFA is a mark of distinction that is recognized by lenders, buyers and professionals nationwide.  CFA is a 5-star standard by which to measure the most dedicated and well-rounded agents in the industry.
  • CDPE – Certified Distress Property Expert Designation
    A Certified Distress Property Expert is a real estate professional with specific understanding of the complex issues confronting the real estate industry and the foreclosure avoidance options available to homeowners. Through comprehensive training and experience, CDPE’s are able to provide solutions for homeowners facing hardships in today’s market, specifically short sales.
  • CSFR – Certified Short Sale & Foreclosure Representative
  • Certified BPO Agent
  • Certified New Home Consultant
    A Certified New Home Specialist works frequently with local builders and developers and understands the ins and outs of buying and selling new construction homes. They have attended specialized training and become certified in this specialty, making them uniquely qualified to guide buyers through the process of purchasing a new construction home.
  • Certified HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) Agent
  • Certified Titanium Home Retention Consultant
  • Homebuyer Assistance Program Specialist Certified
  • Certified Property Management
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker #01358495
  • Licensed Lending Officer #832981
  • 1031 Exchange Specialist
  • EB5 Investor Specialist
  • International Commercial Specialist
  • 2006 to 2012 Executive Board Member of AREAA-Orange County
  • 2013 President of AREAA-Orange County
  • 2014-2016 President Circle Advisory Board
  • C2EX Endorsement for dedication to practicing real estate at the highest professional standards
  • L.E.A.D NAR Designation – Critical leadership skills to lead effectively
  • High Performance Homes Certified
    A high-performance home is a property that utilizes the latest in green technology to aid in making that home as energy-efficient as possible over the long term. These homes are commonly referred to as “net-zero” homes. While net-zero is a common term, these homes can also be referred to as “high-efficiency”, or even “passive” as well.While there is no universal definition for high-performance homes, the common consensus is that these homes fall under the category of: comfort, duality, indoor air quality, energy use, efficiency, and sustainability. These categories are then applied to principles within construction.
  • The Economics of Residential Passive House
  • Decarbonizing the Built Environment
  • Solar PV-Technology and Valuation Certified
  • Introduction & Building Science 1.0 Certified
  • Building Science 2.1-Introduction to Heat Transfer Certified
  • Building Science 2.2-Airtightness & Air Barriers Certified
  • Building Science 2.3-Understanding & Limiting Thermal Bridging Certified
  • Building Science 2.4-Introduction to Continuous Insulation & Cladding Attachment Certified
  • Building Science 2.5-Introduction to Windows, Curtains, Walls, Window Walls & Shading Design Certified
  • Building Science 2.6-Introduction to Moisture & Buildings Certified
  • Building Science 2.7-Understanding the Psychrometrics of Condensation Certified
  • Building Science 2.8-Introduction to Control of Rain & Ground Water Penetration Certified
  • How to Design & Build High-Performance Attics Certified
  • Assembling the Zero-Carbon Home Certified
  • Emerging Smart Technology & Enhanced Building Performance Certified
  • Design Tools, Methods & Case Studies on Design of High-Performance Facades Certified
  • Commercial Building Retrofit-Title 24 Compliance Certified
  • Commercial Building Retrofit-Electrification Certified
  • Commercial Building Retrofit-Setting Energy Targets Certified
  • Commercial Building Retrofit-HVAC Upgrades Certified
  • Emerging Smart Building Technology & Enhanced Building Performance Certified
  • 2021 WCS-Trends in Water Use, Efficiency Technologies & Conservation Priorities Certified
  • 2022 WCS:  Home Water Makeovers-Solutions for All budgets Certified
  • 2022 WCS:  Innovative Sources for Water in an Age of Limited Supply Certified
  • 2022 WCS:  Climate Change and California’s Water Future Certified
  • 2022 WCS:  Cannabis Goes Green-Water and Energy Conservation at New Grow Facilities Certified
  • 2022 WCS:  Communicating on Water Conservation-Influencing Consumer Behavior Certified
  • Climate Positive Landscape Design-Going Beyond Neutral Certified
  • Carbon Sequestration in the Landscape #1-Nurture Soil to Sequester Carbon Certified
  • Carbon Sequestration in the Landscape #4-Act Local to Mitigate Climate Change Certified
  • Carbon Sequestration in the Landscape #5-Conserve Energy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Certified
  • Carbon Sequestration in the Landscape #6-Reduce Waste to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Certified
  • Carbon Sequestration in the Landscape #8-Protect Habitat for Climate Resilience Certified
  • Remote Monitoring & Control Agriculture Certified
  • Automation, EMS Systems & PLCs Certified
  • Heat Pumps in Retrofit Construction-Space Conditioning & Water Heating Certified
  • Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating Certified
  • Office Lighting-Best Practices Certified
  • Phenomenal LED Certified
  • Evaluating & Selecting Luminaires Certified
  • Case Studies for Calculating Lighting Solutions Certified
  • Horticulture & Indoor Agricultural Lighting Certified
  • All-Electric, Lower Cost Multi-Family Buildings with Electric-Vehicle Charging Certified
  • Multi-Family Electrification & Emerging Technologies Certified
  • Introduction to Electric Vehicles
  • Electrical Vehicle Chargers-Design & Installation Certified
  • Electrical Vehicle Chargers-Design & Installation Strategies for New & Existing Homes Certified
  • Residential Electrification with the Passive House Standard Certified
  • CALGreen Title 24 Part 11 with 2021 Certified
  • Title 24 Requirements for Residential Lighting Certified
  • Designing for Light & Health Certified
  • Electrical Safety for Residential & Small Business Certified
  • Energy Resiliency for Non-Residential Facilities Certified
  • Net Energy Metering Certified
  • Energy Audit Skills: Tools, Data Collection Techniques, and Calculations
  • Basics of Photovoltaic (PV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for Grid Tied Applications
  • ADR 101-Understanding Automated Demand Response Certified
  • Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers-Energy Efficiency Applications Certified
  • AG Power Quality Workshop Certified
  • Embodied Carbon vs Operational Carbon Certified
  • Balanced Ventilation for Better Health, Comfort, and Energy Efficiency Certified
  • ACCA Manual D-Duct Design Certified
  • ACCA Manual D-Duct Design with WrightSoft Certified
  • Basic Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Certified
  • Ductless Mini Split Design, Installation & Performance Certified
  • IHACI-Thermodynamics (Heat in Motion) Certified
  • IHACI-System Performance (Sub-System of the Building) Certified
  • IHACI-System Diagnostics (Evaluating, Analyzing & Ultimately Identifying the Root Causes) Certified
  • IHACI-System Diagnostics (Accurate Elimination & Verification of the Root Causes) Certified
  • Air Sealing & Insulation Existing Homes-Attic Ventilation for Efficiency, Access and Wildfire Safety Certified
  • Air Sealing & Insulating Existing Homes-Developing a Work Scope for Attic Efficiency Upgrades Certified
  • Air Sealing & Insulating Existing Homes-Addressing Air Leakage & Thermal Performance in Ceilings without Attics Certified
  • Air Sealing Strategies for Healthier, Zero-Carbon Homes
  • Window Selection for New & Existing Homes Certified
  • Window Installation Procedure to Provide Real World Performance and Prevent Water Intrusion Certified