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Leveraging Your Needs Wisely

Leveraging Your Financial and Future Needs With the current U.S. system, it is important to plan for the future. Whether you have  limited income or high income, it is important to understand how to leverage your  financial future. Even through market fluctuations, people still have different needs.  Some people need to have more tax deduction from one year to another. Others desire to  focus on increasing monthly income. Every type of low and high market accommodates  the needs of people. Real Estate is considered a more stable investment than stock  markets globally. As long as there is a high population in the world, there will always be a  high demand for real estate. There are different types of goals and purpose in various  stages of a person or family’s life. There are also national and global changes in financial  and situation needs. As a result, it is important to view real estate, finances and investing  as long term annual planning goals to best accommodate these changes. There are many  people who have been Alisha’s clients over 10 years greatly benefited from the annual  financial planning with Alisha to leverage and meet their future goals. Contact Alisha  today for your annual personal and family financial planning at (949) 229-5987
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COVID and the Future

Housing has been the economy setter around the world. However, has COVID-19 helped you evaluate what is working or not working with your choices and lifestyle? Let us take a  closer look at areas in your life in relation to this Global Pandemic. Do you see the direction going more positively or negatively for the year 2020 to 2021? What is going on regarding interest rates, housing, the stock market, and employment? How are you interpreting this outcome? In terms of finances, are you better or worse? In terms of quality people,  has ethics and morality deteriorated or improved? Are people in general more pleasant,  less patient, more caring, or careless? The quality and conduct of people are the foundation of how society and the future will be. Since people are the ones setting laws, structures, procedures, businesses, etc., this means how people are will set the tone for the future in every personal and business engagement. Therefore, how the future will be relying most heavily on each one of us. Alisha has countless experiences as a  relationship counselor. She has positively improved many lives of married couples, parents-to-children relationships, and internal company team relationships that are sustainable. 

The most common relationship killer is ignoring the problems which almost always escalate to deeper negative consequences. Join many others today to get help and improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. Contact Alisha for a counseling appointment for a better and new beginning at 909-438-3647. 

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Effect of Music

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Music is one of the categories that are difficult to explain or fully understand.  However, none of us can deny that it has a tremendous impact in our lives.  No matter which type of music you prefer or reject, music does impact us in more ways than most of us realize indirectly.  While many of us would agree that we listen to various types of music ranging from slightly different to extremely different depending on what we ‘feel like at that moment.  We also cannot minimize its effect on molding our character, thought process, responses, attitudes, and behaviors. (watch the video for more info)
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