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Are you having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments? Do you have any major changes in your life causing financial burden? Do you want to know what your options are? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Call Alisha today and see if you qualify for a Short Sale. One of the most crucial element is TIME. As soon as you realize you will start having financial difficulties, you need to call Alisha. Alisha has dedicated this informative site to assist you in understanding what is Short Sale, analyze to see if you qualify for a Short Sale, what general procedures are involved, what you need to do to start on a Short Sale, etc. Do not feel embarrased…no one can help you unless you reach out and help yourself. Alisha is committed to decrease the number of foreclosure homes one individuals/families at a time. Call Alisha (626) 715-0992 for a free consultation. A password will be given to you to access Short Sale articles and forms and start on your Road to Recovery.