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Funny Videos (A)

Funny Videos (A)

Sometimes, we just need a good smile and laugh at the simple and small things in life.  Below are some of the cute, funny, relational, interactive events that bring good memories.  Enjoy!








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About Sigma Men and Women

Written by Alisha Chen

Have you ever found someone who knows you so well that you want to cry?  This is the type of tears of “finally, someone understands me!” type of happy, amazed tears and a good cry.  Yesterday, while in my hair salon appointment, I came across this video.  The title of this video caught my curiosity.  I don’t have much interest in Greek Philosophies nor do I have much knowledge of them, but from my life’s encounter so far, I can relate to the word “rarest”.  I felt so misunderstood even by my closest relatives who love me and I love them.  It has constantly been a struggle to explain myself to others.  But how do you explain why I do what I do without telling them hours and days of the experiences I have encountered my entire life each time so they understand why I say what I say and do what I do?

By the way, it is fun for me to strike out of the norms of being “grammatically correct” sometimes.  I appreciate more of getting to know personalities and characters over being “politically correct” most of the time.  I can have fun while talking about a very serious subject.  That is why I am usually a rebel.  Can’t help it, sometimes.  OK, I will try to behave now.

From my own life experiences, brief encounters sometimes lead to more misunderstandings than no encounters.  With the pressure of limited time, I find myself needing to condense some information which may lead to people having a certain perception or stereotyping that confines the expressed portion of the content given.  Those who truly have an interest in getting to know you will ask questions they would like clarification.  Most others just interpret their ways.  But there is no other way to prevent misunderstandings unless you give a long answer.  However, in the world we live in today, who has time for long answers?  Therefore, we force everyone else to misunderstand everyone else with this microwave culture; fast and to the point but very unhealthy and harmful.  Therefore, the more I know, the more I need to know to prevent misunderstandings.

How we perceive things is often embedded into our minds about that person.  If quality time is not spent to further understand each other, unknown wrong perceptions may start to root in us until that root is so deep that it takes a lot of “un-doing” first before further relationship can grow.

Whether in personal life or business interactions, healthy relationships are important to have a successful and pleasant transaction to achieve goals.

I find reading books and getting degrees set by the education system is far from reality nor useful.  The University of “Doing Life” has taught me more useful information and experiences that thousands of books are unable to fully express.  On the contrary, I find many education systems place me into a box that forces me to rid of who I am, and how I am wired to “conform” to the norm.

Oh, the internal struggles of knowing that are slowly killing who I am, what I believe, and the direction of how I want to grow.  The world defines our success by how many financial and tangible assets we have…” the end result”.  However, our world now places little value or no value at all on the process itself, which I believe is the most important aspect of a person’s development.  No, I was not born like this as the above video described.  Who I am today was developed through lots of walking step-by-step through life and overcoming every challenge and many painful ones.

Our society defines how successful of a person we are by the number of friends we have on Facebook, social media, and how many people say hi to us everywhere we go.  I define friends as those who have invested in me to develop a deep, rooted relationship that is so precious that makes life worth living.  I define those who only know my name, my face, my physical attributes, and surface information about me are just acquaintances.  I have a few thousand acquaintances but no friends except for this video who knows me so well.  Would that be shameful to say?  To me, not shameful, just honest.  How many friends (by my definition) do you have?  If you have just one friend by my definition, you are wealthy!  Most people I’ve had this type of talk will admit they have no friends by my definition.  Yet, all of them desire to have these deep-rooted friendships.  So why is this?

Any deep-rooted relationships to any level require the investment of time, patience, open-mindedness, and willingness.  Each minute you choose to spend on something, you sacrifice something else for it.  Your priorities and actions dictate what is valuable to you.  How many of us say relationships are the most valuable commodity in the world, but yet our choice of actions says otherwise?  Why?  Because it is easier to do something you know how or have more control over.  It requires honesty, and vulnerability to develop deep relationships.  In the world today, the silent culture indirectly tells us that there is too much risk.  Also, who likes to be judged or rejected?

While everyone I know would like to be understood, when it comes down to decision-making, most still choose NOT to invest in that.  The discomfort is that extensive to most people.  To me, I am not afraid to die tomorrow, but I am afraid to live a life of losing who I am.  I rather die trying and knowing that I did the best I could than regret the death bed.  With a nursing background, I’ve talked to countless people who have regretted placing the “world’s” definition of priorities in life and it is now too late for them to do anything about it.  People like Steve Jobs also admitted this during the last portion of his life before his death.  I rather live a short life and know I lived it to the fullest than live a long life of lost purpose.  That’s just my perspective on life.  I am not suggesting everyone else should have this outlook in life.  This is just my honest outlook on life.  In other words, I prefer a life of bravery instead of fear or just being alive.  To me, that is the true definition of freedom.

What about you?  What is something that is heart-to-heart that has been on your mind?  Feel free to reach out to me.  The only requirements are honesty and open-mindedness (non-judgmental).

Especially if you are a Sigma man or woman (described by these videos), let’s connect and support one another since we have been very misunderstood by most.  We can encourage one another and continue to be who we are safely and respectfully.

On a bigger scale, we can come together to build beautiful and sustainable lifestyles to change things for the better.
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Who Can Benefit from Lifestyle Planning?

Written By Alisha Chen

With the increase in Lifestyle Planning sessions, I would like to provide this content in advance to help you better understand why I’ve developed Lifestyle Planning.  It is easier to share my own personal story.  My parents came to the U.S. with borrowed funds to purchase airline tickets and $1,000 in total assets.  My parents did not have money for us to be tutored in Taiwan before coming to the U.S., so I learned ABC’s once I was here in the U.S.  There were no ESL classes then.  So, I sat in the same class as all the other students and had no idea what they were talking about for 3-4 years.

Because I did not understand what was being taught in school, I did not know there was homework to do each day.  My grades were barely passing because my “Asian high math abilities” prevented me from failing each grading period.  I remember being published in several local newspapers since 5th grade for the art pieces I was able to draw.  I was being interviewed, but I had no clue what they were saying and there was no one capable of translating for me.

The reason why I wanted to share the hardship that I had to encounter is to encourage others who may have a tough time integrating into a new culture, new language, new environment, and new life in another country.  That was a big step for my family and me.  So, if I can be where I am today, you can too!

Somehow, I learned English little by little and graduated from High School and College.  As a new college graduate from getting my Bachelor of Science as a Registered Nurse, I soon realized that a very large portion of my income went to pay for Federal and State income tax.  Having a six-digit gross income, which was higher than average college graduates, left me with very little after-tax withholdings.

I started to seriously wonder how anyone can really survive in the United States.  Yes, I was making approximately 3 times more gross income than my relatives living in Taiwan, but I ended up netting lower than many of them.  “There must be something wrong”, I thought to myself.

I started to ask people around me, but many people responded, “that’s how it is”.  I was not satisfied with that response.  There seem to be many other people who are very well-to-do.  I can clearly see that.  But how can they do that?  I started to ask more detailed questions, but most people were not willing to share their personal financial information with me.  I don’t blame them since that is a very sensitive topic.  But still, I like to solve my problems of grossing well but netting small.

It is through working for various businesses and attending numerous events that I started gathering little pieces of gold nuggets.  Even though those work positions and events really have nothing to do with wealth building, but since my mind was determined to find solutions that would work for me without losing myself.

The more I know, the more I don’t want to follow the mainstream majority.  I did not like the concept of “the more you spend, the more you get to deduct”.  I wanted to net and save money to live the lifestyle that I desired.  I wanted to live a balanced life.  I know I can’t count on anyone else but myself to make it happen.  I knew I did not want to have a “poor/challenging retirement years”.  It was after being a business owner that my knowledge and experience greatly helped me understand how to achieve my goals.

One of the most common complaints I get from my clients is that their CPA does not educate them on how to net well.  For the past 21 years, I’ve received the most requests for good CPAs and attorneys to refer them.  Unfortunately, I have not found them yet, through my interviews with many.

My Lifestyle Planning is for everyone who desires to gross well and net well.  I’ve helped over a few thousand people in my career and not one is exactly the same.  I have clients from starting to understand how to break their spending habits to multi-million-dollar business owners who have over 20+ properties.  But one common response from all of them after my Lifestyle Planning session is:  “I wished I had met you years ago.  I could have net so much more!”

The requirement for my Lifestyle Planning session is simple.  You need to be honest and truthful.  Don’t worry about what you say may sound awkward.  After helping over a few thousand people and learning about where they have been in life and where they like to be, I don’t think anything can surprise me.  It is fine if you don’t want to answer some of the questions, but just understand I cannot help you in the best possible way if I don’t know how to help you navigate there.  As long as you are not planning to harm others, the rest probably will not surprise me.  One of the most valuable assets is that I may share with you better ways or directions.  It is up to you to make choices in life, but most of the time, my clients most appreciate my honest feedback and advice which they too agree is better than their own.

The Lifestyle Planning is customized for you.  My purpose is to use my knowledge and experiences to help you get there.  If you are ready to start your Lifestyle Planning, please feel free to contact me for an appointment.

So far, my youngest client is 8 years old and the eldest client is 71.

Contact Alisha today for your real estate needs – 949.229.5987

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The Truth About the Real Estate Industry #04


15.  Like-mindedness – What we appreciate is often what we cherish. There are reasons why some people purchase Kia cars versus Lexus versus BMW or Mercedes Benz.  Kia car buyers are usually looking for immediate affordability, which means durability and resale value are usually not there.  There also tend to be more problems with these lower-quality cars during ownership.  Lexus car buyers usually seek durability, dependability, not many repairs needed, and a medium level of status and comfort while the re-sale value is quite good.  BMW or Mercedes Benz buyers usually seek to present a higher status and collusion protection, but the cost of maintenance and repair parts are more frequently needed and usually, costs are very high (a higher % cost goes to branding than quality).  Like real estate, various clients seek various types of agents/brokers.  The cost of these agents/brokers also often reflects the type of services that the clients desire. Using the above car examples often best reflects an easier way for my clients to understand the difference.  If you are going to 99 Cent Store to purchase items, you expect low quality that does not last long.  But if you are selling or purchasing a high-priced item like real estate, experienced clients understand the importance of legal responsibilities, value, information, and especially, the experience of the agents or brokers to help navigate them through the process.

16.  Client Protection & Honesty – The purpose of “Can you Handle the Truth Series” is to provide some basic information to our clients so they are aware of the events that occur often so we can better plan the process. Although these articles are only a small part of what we encounter as real estate professionals, they provide a good idea of the challenges of communicating in advance.  This is the only way to minimize any surprises after the fact.  While there is no perfect property for each client, it is the agreement to purchase an asset for a certain agreed value.  In terms of real estate, the experience of agents and brokers in providing honest and truthful information weighs over 75% of any real estate transaction.  Experience can only be obtained by hands-on and personal encounters of each transaction, situation, and response by as many as possible.  While paper documents are more “standard” and less customized for each client’s goals and situations, experience is the key to best-guiding clients.  One property may be OK for a client, but another may be better.  Knowing the difference is key to setting apart professional agents or brokers from standard ones.  Hiring the right real estate professional is equivalent to hiring a good attorney.  It is that important when you are performing one of the highest purchases in your lifetime!

17.  Conclusion – Lots of “undoing” of laws, guidelines, and structures needs to be performed at the government and association level.  At the same time, there are immediate changes that residents and professionals can support as sustainable mutual benefits.  Imagine that ethical, knowledgeable, experienced agent/broker who is committed to a real estate client and who is loyal and fully cooperative!  Let’s be honest, would you allocate quality time to uncommitted individuals?  The level of commitment and degree of attention given are reciprocated mutually for a pleasant transaction to take place.  This is a very simple concept, but most people don’t take the time to understand it, which results in unnecessary problems.  More than 50% of time-wasting is eliminated when loyalty is devoted, mutual benefit is rewarded, and the entire transaction reaches bilateral promises and goals.  Energy and effort can be placed towards getting the best possible outcome for our clients, which makes quality services (not quantity) possible. Everyone desires this outcome.  Therefore, it is time that the U.S. learns from third-world countries to go back to the basics of being an enticing human being first to see a win-win result!  The best solution is to research and interview each other to ensure a good fit.  Sign an exclusive agreement to work with each other.  Treat others as how they prefer to be treated without violating ethics and principles to transform communities and industries one person or family at a time.  Whether we deliberately seek to influence others, each person usually impacts another directly or indirectly through engagements.  Choosing positive, sustainable actions and gestures will create a pleasant culture in every relationship and career that we all desire.

Contact Alisha today for your real estate needs – 949.229.5987

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Wealth Building 101

Wealth Building 101

Being in the field of real estate for over 20 years, I have seen lots of changes.  The more the market and economy are volatile, the more people seek to invest in tangible assets as a means of passive income-producing avenue.

Various countries have their own culture, trends, preferences, geographical capabilities, resources, and legal structures.  These usually establish the foundation of ideal income-producing methods.  In the United States, however, despite the drastic changes in its history, the tax structure and living standards are still among the most desirable in the world.

These deep-rooted factors often attract legal residents to invest in tangible real estate for themselves as well as for income-producing properties.  Real estate investing may not be for everyone since it is a more ideal long-term investment.  Those who like the excitement of “high-rollers” and “fast-moving” liquid earns may not prefer their money to be tied up in a real estate property.

While no one can guarantee which method is better, it all comes down to individual and organizational preferences, comfort levels, and goals.  Just like all investments, investors need to know when to do what and how to leverage financial and lifestyle benefit goals.

When the real estate market is priced high, it may not be ideal for the majority to be purchasing properties.  However, there are still others whose numbers make sense for their current tax year situation or even for their future retirement goals.  Investments are all about numbers and goals.

Many of the business owners I’ve encountered would have doubled or even tripled their assets if they had utilized my lifestyle planning consultation.  Yes, sometimes what you don’t know might place you at a disadvantage and the clock cannot be turned back.  However, the good news is that can be changed for the better.

With the current demands of our society, having a full-time job often requires a majority of our energy to be competitive and perform well.  That means we don’t have the means of where and who to trust for wise wealth-building avenues in the meantime.  One of the most common responses I have received from my clients is “I wished I had known you and this information earlier.  I would have accumulated much more wealth than merely working with my two hands.”

Lifestyle planning consultation is not only for those who have the funds readily available; but for those who are getting there also.  Investing of any type requires advanced planning.  Knowing your financial numbers, preferences, capabilities, goals, and requirements to get there is a part of the process.

As the stock market has been volatile and as for now, no clear visibility as a means of investment at this time, there are many other investments or protections that can be made or prepared for.  Less risky investments often need more time to prepare for.  The earlier an individual or organization has a clear understanding of their requirements to get there, the faster and easier it is to build his/her wealth.

Wealth building needs to be in your own hands.  With the many changes in the world, no one can seek your best interest than yourself.  For more information, please visit the Lifestyle Planning page and then contact Alisha today to start your wealth-building process 949.229.5987

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The Truth About the Real Estate Industry #03


10. MLS Challenges – Not all agents belong to an MLS board because it costs quite heavily each year to be a member of an MLS board. The reason why agents would pay to belong is to work with quality agents who will have a Code of Ethics and more professional support to assist our clients.  However, the MLS too has shifted more and more towards self-interest rather than their first established purpose and promise.  For example, as a listing agent, we are not allowed to include our own branding or information on the photos that we ourselves pay for.  Many agents can save a lot of money by not using professionally taken photos when listing a property for sale.  Those of us that do, are then penalized if we include our logo, name, or information on the very photo that we, ourselves pay for.  When inquired why?  The reason is that the buyer agent would not be able to generate income if the listing agent’s contact information was in the photo.  Does that make any ethical or logical sense?  As a listing agent, when we pay for marketing materials to benefit our clients, at the same time, we are paying fees to the MLS for the purpose of upholding professionalism and fair practices.  However, it is the same Association that is demanding unfair practices.  Again, the more agents that are members of the MLS Association, the more they have funds for themselves.  Their priority is no longer the Code of Ethics and Fair Practices while they demand and financially penalize agents who do their job by seeking the best interest of their clients.  The reason for marketing is to #1 benefit their clients and #2 to brand and promote themselves.  There are more unethical guidelines like this that we agents and brokers are faced with.  While working diligently and professionally for our clients, at the same time, we need to be dealing with the MLS who we pay to belong does not make sense.  Real Estate clients need to know as our hands and feet are tied by these Associations sometimes.  Yes, belonging to an MLS Association has benefits, however, there are also unreasonable guidelines we must abide by.  MLS Association has shifted its original purpose and promise.  If this is not corrected soon, they too will not be sustainable with the current technology platforms out there.

11. Zillow Agent Reviews – Since Zillow has become one of the top nationwide platforms for seeking real estate properties for sale or lease, many consumers also utilize Zillow Agent Reviews. While some of the Agent Reviews seem to be legitimate, I’ve come to realize that many high-number reviews are not what people think.  In 2023, from my listings and offers, I’ve seen one completed real estate transaction with more than 5 people taking on Zillow Agent Review Credits.  What’s so crazy about it is that all 5+ of these people are from different Brokerages!  So, imagine you are not the main agent involved in the transaction, but able to take credit for each of the closed transactions, how fast can your Zillow Agent Review grow?  5X faster than everyone else!  In addition, there are many agents working for multiple Brokers.  So, the same agent in one transaction can be under one Brokerage and another transaction can be under a Brokerage at the same time.  The legal liabilities of this type of practice are very high while deceiving the consumers who are actually hands-on performing the transaction.  Since many Brokerages are involved, how is the responsibility shared with the clients?

12. Brokerage In-House Escrow – One of the main purposes of all service providers is to protect their own clients’ information and serve the clients to the best of their interest. However, in California, Real Estate Brokerages are allowed to have in-house escrows.  Over the years, there have been more and more Real Estate Brokerages that have in-house escrows.  There are much fewer requirements and oversight to an in-house escrow than a third-party, stand-alone escrow.  In 2022 and 2023, I encountered countless buyer offers I made not selected due to the listing agent requiring me to use their in-house escrow.  Even when I suggested the option for them to select a stand-alone, third-party escrow of their choice, they rejected it.  Many of these rejected offers are from large brand-name real estate brokerages.  Many of them are the ones producing the most transactions and income.  I really wonder if their own sellers know about them rejecting good, strong offers only because the listing agent demands to use their in-house escrow.  By using their in-house escrow, the Brokerage or Agents also gain additional income from the transaction.  In my opinion, California should not allow Real Estate Brokerages to have in-house escrows.  Imagine both sides of client information are fully disclosed to the other side.  If a Brokerage or agent would rather reject a good, strong offer because our client does not want to use their in-house escrow, what else might that Brokerage or Agent use the client’s information?  In New York, Escrows are required to be conducted by licensed Attorneys.  This is a much more secure and professional way than the way California is allowing open violations to potentially occur.

13. Petition and Suggestions – For over 20 years, I have taken time to share what I have learned to various leadership and organizations in hopes of improving and solving unreasonable or unethical issues to seek my client’s best interests. However, most of the efforts were wasted.  Most people do not want to hear their “deficiencies” by responding in a way that “brushes underneath the rug”.  The only way things can be better is by knowing what the problems are so we can develop solutions to improve and resolve them.  If we only focus on what is tolerable, then the deficiencies will worsen… dragging other areas with it eventually to a level that will be extremely difficult to change without extreme pain.  Graduated as a Registered Nurse, I like preventative measures instead of waiting until stage 4 cancer is realized.  With a counseling experience background, things can only be improved when we are willing to talk about our deficiencies for the purpose of getting better.  Without this basic desire, the greatest counselor in the world cannot utilize his or her abilities to help others get there.  Optimism can only be accomplished by seeking truth and reality so that there is hope for a better future.

14. Quality of Leadership – The quality of leadership is extremely important. The culture of an organization is closely reflected by the staff and representatives.  Most people would hire the type of persons they deem “acceptable”.  As part of leadership requirements, knowing every individual’s conduct is a must for the well-being of an organization.  How people behave and respond is directly or indirectly allowed by the leadership team.  The majority are usually accepted, and the minority are usually rejected.  However, many times, it is the concept of the majority that often causes problems.  Instead of focusing on what is the majority, we should have been following the concept of quality and the right ways.  For example, we cannot deny that “microwave” is convenient and fast (majority), however, the invisible side of it is that microwave causes more health issues in the long run and is rid of a majority of nutrients that the food originally offered.  Yes, it fills the hunger but starves the inner body of its needed daily nutrients.  Can we see that?    So, what are the consequences?  Faster deterioration of the organs, lack of self-producing needed hormones, increased synthetic medicine, increased negative side effects, working harder and longer to pay for the health issues we’ve created, cause more pollution with our synthetic solutions, cause climate changes as clearly manifested now with reduced water, increased heat, decreased soil natural nutrients.  Yes, what looks fast and simple can result in all of these and many more long-term issues.  Not having quality leadership is the same way.  Do we have “microwave” leaders, or do we have the root of the problem visionary leaders?  From my encounters, I’ve seen many leaders who should not be in leadership positions and those who are not in leadership positions should be.  True leaders are required to be minorities who seek the difficult road to travel, but the right ones.  However, minority-minded people are usually rejected.

Contact Alisha today for your real estate needs – 949.229.5987

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The Truth About the Real Estate Industry #02


  1. True Real Estate Professional is NOT Easy – There are many things that need the attention of real estate professionals. I have closed thousands of transactions and not one is exactly the same.
    • A)  Interviewing Like-Mindedness – Just as a real estate client seeking a good real estate professional, good real estate professionals also only accept reasonable and cooperative clients. However, the process of searching for one often takes a lot of time, effort, and even pain.  Many clients believe agents are getting paid too much for such an easy job.  Well, first of all, agents/brokers risk his/her life daily out in the field meeting or serving new people not knowing who they are first.  There are too many examples of agents/brokers being robbed or killed performing tasks.  I remember as a new agent, some people pretend to be foreign investors only to use new agents to provide free transportation to places.  Even more, times when men pretend to be real estate buyers only to meet me and ask me out.  Most recent times, service providers and contractors pretend to be renters only to meet with me and ask me for business to give them.  How then can agents/brokers trust people without a true client representation agreement?  These are only a few examples mentioned and have to do with the ethical conduct of people.  All these encounters do cost time and money.  Therefore, there is a lot more to this industry than most people realize.
    • B)  Taking time to understand client needs – is the most important before putting any actions into seeking financial and property needs.  One property may be perfect for one but not for another.  One type of timing may be great for one but not for another.  One type of loan product may be good for one but not for another.  Sometimes there is only one decision maker involved and other times there can be a group of 10 people’s input involved.  I find myself taking on as a family counselor more times than being a broker.  The ability to speak the language that balances all decision-makers cannot be learned from any book but via real-life experiences.  Unless a certain level of acceptance is agreed upon, there will not be any success in a transaction.
    • C)  Financial Readiness – Without obtaining a full picture of a client’s financial capabilities first, we will all be wasting time looking at properties without knowing if a real estate client has the capability to finance a certain property. Different people also have different lifestyles and goals.  While one planning may be good for some, it may not be good for another.  Some clients also require a non-standard type of loan for their circumstances.
    • D)  Title Issues – Various title problems can come up and experienced real estate professionals need to know how to deal with them before, during, and after the transaction.
    • E)  Disclosures – It is important to know about the factors of a property as much as possible which may affect the value, health, and safety of the buyers. Disclosures are approximately 80% of a transaction and are growing in the number of documents as years go by.
    • F)  Compliance with Laws – Laws change often and can be several times a year. Most laws are established due to repeated conflicts.  Other times are due to being politically driven which may contradict common sense.  Knowledgeable professionals can best assist clients to minimize legal conflicts.
    • G)  80% of Unprofessional Agents in the Field – For the past 20 years, I have encountered approximately 80% of agents categorized as “Unprofessional”. I am embarrassed to say that I am not proud of being labeled as an “Agent/Broker”.  Another 15% of my encounters as “standard/acceptable” and less than 5% of the agents are labeled as “preferred/desirable/professionals”.  Quality is also reflected in the pattern of cities and counties.  For example, from my own experiences, LA County usually has the worst agents with all types of unethical conduct, Orange County usually has better quality agents and San Bernardino County usually has a mid-range level of agents in terms of ethics and knowledge.  I have educated my client sellers regarding screening agents first and offers second.  Since we are not allowed to contact the cooperating agent’s client, that means the conduct of the cooperating agent will be the most important aspect of a successful, pleasant, miserable, and even harmful transaction process.  With the deterioration of buyer agent quality year after year, buyer’s commission has also declined as a result of listing agents often needing to “clean up” after the buyer agent’s unprofessionalism.  As a listing agent, I would say for the past 20 years, I had to step in as a secretary for the buyer’s agent in order to successfully close a transaction.  While I, myself pay a secretary/assistant to conduct my own tasks.  Obviously, this does not make sense.  Since the Department of Real Estate and the National Association of Realtors have not made much progress in promoting professional quality as a system structure, professional agents/brokers can only seek other solutions in the meantime for the sake of our clients.
    • H)  Above mentioned are only approximately 30% of challenges and difficulties in the field of real estate. It will take hours for me to state them.  In short, the current structure of the real estate field promotes unprofessionalism, inexperienced/temporary agents, unsustainable long-term careers, disloyal parties, and increased legal disputes.  As a result, good agents and brokers are becoming rare and almost distinct.  The interesting thing is that everyone (both clients and professionals) desires quality and loyalty; however, the current system makes it extremely difficult to get there; while third-world countries such as Taiwan rarely have these problems.
  1. License Revoked/Suspended/Disciplinary Actions – There are thousands of people and/or entities with their licenses revoked, suspended, and disciplined due to various reasons. Usually, it takes quite a few repeated serious offenses to get negative license consequences.  There are many more that are still out doing business in various unethical or illegal ways.  Just like any career or job out there, interviewing and hiring people is an extensive job itself.  Clients should perform research, and interviews before hiring.  The good news nowadays is that we have websites and technology to use, making it so much easier to get to know people before hiring them.
  2. United States Real Estate Market Standard versus Other Countries – Many Asian countries that are labeled as third-world countries actually have much better real estate systems than the U.S. Take Taiwan, for example, a seller or landlord researches a real estate brokerage and agent to list with.  Each seller/landlord and each buyer/tenant hire his/her own agent to work with.  The commission is paid by each side of the client according to the level of knowledge, services, experience, etc.  There is not much need for “ethical” courses.  Each agent naturally represents his/her client in the best possible way to earn the commission.  In addition, it is standard for every client to turn in his/her financial proof before agents offer any type of service.  A deposit and payment agreement is signed prior to any type of service being given.  This is a win-win for everyone.  Real estate clients are committed to the selected agent/brokerage.  At the same time, the real estate agent/brokerage is committed to the client.  No party wastes time or plays games.  Everyone understands the seriousness of getting the job done right.  However, in the U.S., the way the system is structured encourages disloyalty, wastes time, and discounts agents to compensate for quality, professionalism, knowledge, and experience.  This system discourages the desire for quality professionals…and what is left gradually are the substandard agents/brokers in this field.  Those who are more capable and ethical gradually seek other types of focuses and careers.  Since the good ones have to constantly do the jobs of the less knowledgeable and ethical cooperative agents while getting paid the same.  It is like doing twice the number of jobs and getting paid for one.  After a while, both financial and mental results are highly unsustainable.  Can you blame them?
The article continues with “The Truth About the Real Estate Industry #03” Contact Alisha today for your real estate needs – 949.229.5987
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Residential Rental Trends

Residential Rental Trends

COVID has affected many people and businesses both in positive and negative ways.  One of the major changes in the residential rental market has occurred during this time and the side effects are still being encountered.  While many laws are being changed in the rental market, especially in Los Angeles County, the results are also now being manifested as a result.

The purpose of many residential rental home laws has changed due to the major economic effects of medium and large organizations being involved in real estate such as Blackrock, Zillow, Redfin, etc.  When large organizations are involved in the selling and purchase of real estate, they obtain control of the market prices and set the trends.  In addition, many reputable or sizable organizations have started to support and advocate for real estate REITS.

From an individual perspective, anything that helps them gain earnings is a good thing.  However, little do most individuals understand that his/her own investment may be contributing to his/her future dilemma.  As I have explained this to my clients and investors for many years, they understand the effects, and most of them, if not all of them, have rejected the REITS investment offers.

Whether or not a person decides to invest in a certain opportunity is an individual choice.  However, the most important aspect of any investment is knowing the pros and cons.  Experience and factual statistics are some of the most important aspects of any expertise versus knowledge from books.  That is a drastic difference between common sense and popular trends.  Often, the majority is not ideal.

Usually, things are not seen for many years until the consequences become evident.  Now we are seeing the devastating losses of investors who have placed money on REITS.  Blackrock, Zillow, Redfin, etc. are all now under serious financial consequences.  The business of real estate has proven to still be an expert professional field.

With the rise in property taxes, home insurance, HOA fees, and repair & remodeling costs, property owners are forced to increase rent.  While it might be true that some of the property owners increase rental prices drastically without doing much property maintenance, all of my property management clients have agreed to perform reasonable property maintenance for our tenants.  As a result, it is not true that all property owners are greedy.

Most of the changes in rental law are geared towards discouraging organizations, entities, or owners who own many properties in the same area to prevent control of the real estate market.  This is a needed and desirable intervention by the government.  However, some of the laws may also produce side effects for individual investors.  In the long run, a healthier and more affordable housing market would be possible if the correct measures are sustained.

In the meantime, rental property owners are now seeking more professional, knowledgeable, and experienced property managers to help them manage their investment properties.  The quality of tenants is now more requested by property owners who offer better property conditions for rent.

The biggest problems in my 20 years of property management experience are the ethics, character, and behavior of renters.  Just about every conflict can be traced back to the ethics and character of a person.  How a property is maintained depends on the care and cooperation of tenants.

As the changes in law continue, more properties are being sold to owner-occupied buyers and fewer rental properties are available.  The more issues property owners have with tenants, the more likely they are to sell the property.  Thus, making rental properties more desirable and needed.

The purpose of rental properties is to accommodate both the needs of tenants as well as property owners in a mutually reasonable and fair manner.  Tenants seek to have a decent property to reside in within their budget.  Property owners seek to have a net gain to prepare for their retirement years.  When tenants are diligently taking care of the property, that lowers the property maintenance costs, and more likely the property owners will continue to renew their lease at lower than market prices.

When tenants produce unethical, unreasonable, uncooperative, behavioral issues, the high maintenance of this tenant in terms of time, energy, and costs makes the purpose of rental property undesirable.  While the U.S. tax laws and lifestyle still offer real estate investment to be strong for legal residents.  The key rests on whether the property owner can find a dependable and capable property manager to perform as a mediator between them and the tenants.  The goals of property owners are simple, the number of investments needs to make sense.  That means the quality of tenants is very important.

Although people may change over time, the mutual benefit concept remains the same.  Each party needs to do their part as agreed.  The purpose of the property manager is to seek a mutual win-win for all parties by ensuring everyone keeps their promises and respect.

Over 20 years, Alisha’s team has not encountered eviction needs.  Even though no one can guarantee the conduct and attitude of a person, we perform a more diligent tenant screening process than average.  At the same time, we respond to our tenants faster and more effectively than most.  We also provide clear accounting records to our property owners so they can gain the highest tax benefits.

If you desire to obtain income properties or already have income properties and are seeking stress-free professional property management assistance, contact Alisha today!  949.229.5987

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