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In the past 7 years, Alisha has managed my investment property, listed it and sold it, and then helped us buy another investment property via 1031 exchange. Alisha is also credited with helping us negotiate and purchase our current home last year.

In 2007, through friend’s referral, my wife and I contacted Alisha. We needed a new agent representing us because of our negative experience with our previous one. We feel we are particularly fortunate to have found Alisha because she has always been knowledgeable and committed. The quality of which we appreciate the most is her patience — taking her time to explain real estate affairs and concepts in familiar terms. Needless to say this attribute has helped facilitate our decision-makings considerably.

As mentioned, we recently have investment property transactions via 1031 exchange. “1031” is a term and a process very foreign to us. Alisha was able to coach us through the process and help us locate a replacement property meeting our prerequisites. Through her negotiation and her recommendations along the way, we secured a good deal on this property and were able to purchase it and upgrade it all within our budget. Immediately after, Alisha helped us find a tenant for it. The execution and the timing were just so perfect and precise.

Projects sometimes did not go as smoothly, and we had challenges — one involving the contractor and the other HOA management company. On both incidents Alisha intervened and concerted effort with all parties to have the matter resolved. This is why we said we are fortunate to have Alisha as our agent because we know we will not flight alone in unfavorable situations as those.

This is my testimony and I thought to share it with you through this internet platform. And I am very confident in referring people who have real estate interests to Alisha. Mr. & Mr. Hsu

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