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Wealth Building 101

Wealth Building 101

Being in the field of real estate for over 20 years, I have seen lots of changes.  The more the market and economy are volatile, the more people seek to invest in tangible assets as a means of passive income-producing avenue.

Various countries have their own culture, trends, preferences, geographical capabilities, resources, and legal structures.  These usually establish the foundation of ideal income-producing methods.  In the United States, however, despite the drastic changes in its history, the tax structure and living standards are still among the most desirable in the world.

These deep-rooted factors often attract legal residents to invest in tangible real estate for themselves as well as for income-producing properties.  Real estate investing may not be for everyone since it is a more ideal long-term investment.  Those who like the excitement of “high-rollers” and “fast-moving” liquid earns may not prefer their money to be tied up in a real estate property.

While no one can guarantee which method is better, it all comes down to individual and organizational preferences, comfort levels, and goals.  Just like all investments, investors need to know when to do what and how to leverage financial and lifestyle benefit goals.

When the real estate market is priced high, it may not be ideal for the majority to be purchasing properties.  However, there are still others whose numbers make sense for their current tax year situation or even for their future retirement goals.  Investments are all about numbers and goals.

Many of the business owners I’ve encountered would have doubled or even tripled their assets if they had utilized my lifestyle planning consultation.  Yes, sometimes what you don’t know might place you at a disadvantage and the clock cannot be turned back.  However, the good news is that can be changed for the better.

With the current demands of our society, having a full-time job often requires a majority of our energy to be competitive and perform well.  That means we don’t have the means of where and who to trust for wise wealth-building avenues in the meantime.  One of the most common responses I have received from my clients is “I wished I had known you and this information earlier.  I would have accumulated much more wealth than merely working with my two hands.”

Lifestyle planning consultation is not only for those who have the funds readily available; but for those who are getting there also.  Investing of any type requires advanced planning.  Knowing your financial numbers, preferences, capabilities, goals, and requirements to get there is a part of the process.

As the stock market has been volatile and as for now, no clear visibility as a means of investment at this time, there are many other investments or protections that can be made or prepared for.  Less risky investments often need more time to prepare for.  The earlier an individual or organization has a clear understanding of their requirements to get there, the faster and easier it is to build his/her wealth.

Wealth building needs to be in your own hands.  With the many changes in the world, no one can seek your best interest than yourself.  For more information, please visit the Lifestyle Planning page and then contact Alisha today to start your wealth-building process 949.229.5987

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